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Why Should One Travel as a Backpacker

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Travelling as a backpacker is not just about going places, rather it's more about experiencing and living the place of your travel. Here are the reasons why one should travel as a backpacker

People don’t really need much of an excuse to pack up and go backpacking whether for a month or a few years but they’re not really excuses, they’re primary reasons why we should all pack up. For our mental and physical sanity for example. If anyone should question why you have chosen to become one of the majority and see the world, then you can send this article for your accuser to read. That way you don’t have to put up with the sighs of despair and accusing tone as you try to explain your reasons to go backpacking and broaden your horizons.

"Remember, when backpacking, you learn what is important to you and what is not. It’s absolutely wonderful how a person finds clarity while traveling."

If you haven’t been backpacking yet, you may wonder why everyone goes on about backpacking all the time? What’s so great about hauling a backpack halfway around the world, getting to meet loads of people and trying things you never, ever, thought you were capable of? Well lets find out why backpacking is awesome.


Backpackers live day to day basically, we don’t have a strict timetable. Let’s say you want to travel up north somewhere and for some reason you want to spend another night in that city – you just organise a place to stay for the night and leave the next day. Your day is not planned out, you plan by how you’re feeling. Sometimes you feel the urge to move on to see more of a country or the opposite can occur if you feel that you would like to spend some more time at this one place because you haven’t seen everything yet. You don’t get the feeling that you are missing out and due to the flexible timeframe it is easier to enjoy the moment. You just have to forget about all the stuff you left at home: your car, apartment, and bills will still be there when you return. Always keep in mind that our lives become complicated only we ourselves make it the same way but backpacking allows you to learn about what are the things that really matter to us.


The perk of backpacking is that it takes you deep inside the domestic domain of local life. Unlike a filthy rich traveller, who spends most of the time inside the walls of a luxury hotel, a backpacker finds his/her way inside the traditional kitchen and living spaces of a Homestay and local Guesthouse. This gives the traveller a glimpse of the traditional lives of the people. They get to see the local lives from a close range and experience it.


Some budget backpackers travel the world by home sitting, where they look after somebody’s home or hostels. Flying is very expensive, so after the first flight to whatever country you’re going to, make sure, after that you travel by bus, foot, or train. Backpacking makes that essential. You should take small or essential things with you while traveling so that you shouldn’t purchase it at the time you need it. Traveling gets lot easier and fun when you stay in hostels or other low-cost options. And I must say that this is definitely the ideal way to explore the world and too that within your budgets.


This is certainly the best part of backpacking. Backpackers live in spontaneity. When everything is on your back, and countries are mere train rides away, it’s easy to go with the flow. You’re not locked into reservations or others’ expectations.  Travel is at your whim. You go where you want, when you want. When you’re staying at a hostel in a room for 20, you’re bound to make new friends–or the very least–have wildly entertaining stories. You may choose to hang with folks for a day, or for the duration of your trip–it’s up to you!

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