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Royal Ladakhi Lunch

Royal Ladakhi Lunch

₹3,000.00 Regular Price
₹2,700.00Sale Price

Royal Ladakhi Lunch by Artisanal Alchemy is the perfect experience of the Ladakhi cuisine. The aim is to give people a genuine taste of Ladakh away from the touristy food available in town. So, while Ladakhi cuisine – particularly that of Leh – does include thukpa and momos, these aren’t the be-all and end-all of the region’s food heritage. The courses comprise a variety of Ladakhi dishes, which includes  'Thukkpa' (Thukpa, the noodle soup was a wholesome meal made with dried local cheese, dried black peas, julienned turnips, Chinese radishes, and dried wild buckwheat leaves), 'Drapu' (whole-wheat dumplings made in sweet apricot kernel sauce' , 'Tsong thaltak' (whole wheat onion bread), and the famous Yarkhani Pulao, among more.

  • Price mentioned is applicable on a minimum group size of 02 Adults
  • The Royal Ladakhi lunch is being hosted by Artisanal Alchemy at the boutique property 'The Jade House'
  • Both Vegatarian and Non-Vegetarian meals are optional
  • Royal Ladakh Lunch is an experience of around 2-3 Hours, where the local chef Ms Kunzes Angmo would give our guests a detailed narrative tour of the rich culnury heritage of ladakh food, along with the taste of diverse cuisine experience of Ladakh. 
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